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Expert Bet Pro

Stop Gambling, Start Investing!

We identify and share the results of the most likely sports competition with you, using the most advanced artificial intelligence software in the world and using the data we have obtained as a result of extensive analysis. 

How Does Expert Bet Pro Help You to Gain?

Our artificial intelligence software, developed by our expert team of software developers from scratch, analyzes the following before making any predictions about results or specific actions;

Weather Conditions

Possibility of weather condition to affect players’ performance


Teams’ average performance throughout the season

Game Structure

Strengths and weaknesses of teams and general game strategies

Form Status

Form status of teams in last 5 games

Tactical Structure

Tactical structure of the teams in the home / away for current season

Injured / Suspended Players

Potential effects of injured and suspended players

Last 5 Games

Last 5 matches between two teams


Teams’ previous results with the referee


Teams’ goal / status in standings

Game Style

Game style of teams’ coaches

en iyi iddaa tahminleri, banko kupon adresi

Stop Gambling, Make Investment!

Expert Bet Pro not only offers you the highest possible results, it also offers professional cash management services! Although we analyze the results in the best way possible, there is no certainty on any platform with a human factor! The matches you have lost will necessarily be but the important thing is how you manage your cash. With our paid plans, you will also get professional cash management service, which means almost no chance of see zero cash. Losing control of cash management will take you to lose of all the cash no matter how high the success rate of predictions is.

I Bought Subscription, What Should I Do?

The system is very simple, there is nothing you need to do technically. After purchasing the subscription, you can access your tips under the “My Tips” menu. Normally, we approve your subscription within 30 minutes after receiving payment. Your tip reports are updated regularly. You can see your new predictions in the same way. Betting from our site is definitely not allowed. You can play your tips from any betting site you want.

banko kupon, banko-maç
banko kupon, banko-maç

Paket Satın Aldım, Ne Yapmalıyım?

Sistem çok basit, teknik olarak yapmanız gereken bir şey yok. İlgilendiğiniz paketi aldıktan sonra otomatik olarak sizlere tahmin raporları Excel dosyası olarak gönderilecek. Sitemizden bahis kesinlikle oynatılmamaktadır. Aldığınız dosyadaki tahminleri istediğiniz herhangi bir bahis sitesinden oynayabilirsiniz. Dosyalar sitemize kayıt olduğunuz ya da satın alma işlemi yaparken belirttiğiniz e-mail adresine gönderilecektir. Farklı bir e-mail adresine rapor almak istiyorsanız lütfen müşteri hizmetleriyle iletişime geçiniz.



Free Subscription

  • 60% Success Rate
  • 20 Weekly Tips Sharing
  • Minimum 1.20 Odds Guaranteed
  • No Cash Management
10$ Weekly

Bronze Subscription

  • 70% Success Rate
  • 30 Weekly Tips Sharing
  • Minimum 1.30 Odds Guaranteed
  • Cash Management
15$ Weekly

Silver Subscription

  • 75% Success Rate
  • 35 Weekly Tips Sharing
  • Minimum 1.35 Odds Guaranteed
  • Cash Management
20$ Weekly

Gold Subscription

  • 80% Success Rate
  • 40 Weekly Tips Sharing
  • Minimum 1.40 Odds Guaranteed
  • Cash Management
25$ Weekly

Platinum Subscription

  • 85% Success Rate
  • 45 Weekly Tips Sharing
  • Minimum 1.45 Odds Guaranteed
  • Cash Management
30$ Weekly

Diamond Subscription

  • 90% Success Rate
  • 50 Weekly Tips Sharing
  • Minimum 1.50 Odds Guaranteed
  • Cash Management
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NEW !! Google Extension Betting Software

Make a one-time payment, analyze lifetime matches over 39 statistics, use betting prediction & analysis software! Thanks to this auxiliary robot add-on in football and basketball matches, you will see the possibility of fulfilling all of your needs in percentage terms, and you will make the analysis that takes hours of hand with one button!

This add-on, which you have for a lifetime by paying only once, is made according to your request, but you should know that the predictions we share in our subscription packages are not given using this software. Thanks to the main software developed by our site, we combine 10 main parameters and provide you with the best estimates. 

For example, this extension does not analyze weather conditions, it only calculates probability based on numerical data.

We Are Growing! Helping You to Make Money!

Average Success Rate
Paid Subscription Rate
Customer Satisfaction Rate


Derek Vaultman

Amazing predictons! I have been betting with them 4 months, and my total profit is increasing every week consistently. You guys deserve your price.

Richard Medrano

They provide perfect cash management and high success rate predictions for a fair price. What can we expect more? I definitely recommend Expert Bet Pro!

Andrew Silvia

I love gambling, I love its excitement. Making some money via bet is my determination. I earn more than before with my Expert Bot Pro subscription.

Michael Glazer

Their win rate is exactly accurate for all subscriptions. I just want to say that if everyone subscribe their paid plans, bookmakers will be closed.

Michelle Stine

My husband started to use Expert Bet Pro, I saw his earnings and decided to enroll myself. This is an investment, not gambling for me. Thank you Expert Bet Family!

Walter Nguyen

Best bet prediction service!!! You must enroll, their artificial intelligence software works properly and help me to make money while sleeping!